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Gollum in further languages

Here you can help with your translations to build up diffrent language versions of Gollum. Just select in the menue below the source language (one of the already existing language versions) and choose your target language for the translation. Finally a click on the Link "Translation Editor" and you can start.

Thank you a lot and have fun with Gollum!

Important for the translation All writen in curly brackets mustn't be changed or deleted. Mutation and special characters of your language can be normally used.

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  Open Translation Editor

Finished translations and contributor list.In the following is a list of people who contributed to the project by translating it into various languages. Thanks to all of you for your help.

12/21/2006 Српски / Srpski Tomić Mirko
03/20/2006 עברית אור
03/06/2006 Lëtzebuergesch Moreno VIOLA
01/24/2006 Български DCLXVI
01/21/2006 Ελληνικά Dimitris
01/02/2006 Eesti Paavo Pihelgas
12/12/2005 Català (Correction) Llull
12/08/2005 Česky Mishal
12/07/2005 العربية Abdulrhman Alaya -- MaaSTaaR
12/01/2005 Dansk Kim Schulz
12/01/2005 Português Christian Wiegers
12/01/2005 Tagalog Jax Cohen
11/30/2005 Norsk (nynorsk) Tor Egil Hoftun Kvæstad
11/30/2005 한국어 정지용
11/30/2005 Norsk (bokmål) Henning Pedersen -- Arif Shafique -- Fredrik Rodland
11/29/2005 中文 (Simplified) limodou -- wanghui
11/28/2005 Català Pau Tomàs
11/28/2005 Bahasa Indonesia Kemas Antonius
11/28/2005 Português (Brazilian) Daniel Santos
11/28/2005 Magyar János Horváth
11/28/2005 日本語 TAKAGI Masahiro
11/28/2005 Español Alvaro Arce
11/28/2005 Nederlands Mario Meijers
11/28/2005 Français Bruno ARLIGUY
11/28/2005 Italiano Antonio Memo -- Cataldo Cigliola
11/28/2005 Svenska Andreas Bruse
11/28/2005 中文 kourge -- http://blog.yam.com/henrie -- klstwn
11/24/2005 Suomi ulayiti
11/23/2005 Kroatisch Marco
11/23/2005 Englisch Rowan
11/22/2005 Polnisch tsca
11/22/2005 Română Ronline
11/20/2005 Русский Alexander Sigachov

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